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Anonymous engraving after Fesch & Whirsker - Scene from Crébillon's Rhadamisthe & Zénobie (Collection Académie Desprez - Fonds Gilbert Blin)




In accordance with its statutory assignments to stimulate exchanges between Sweden and France, the Académie Desprez proposes grants dedicated to support artists, craftspeople, historians who endorse projects that somehow come within the scope of the Academy's fundamental purpose.

Projects must lead to achievements such as artistic works (musical composition, paintings, poetry), theatre objects (costumes, models, etc...), publishable texts (report, historical study).

Grants are awarded yearly. Ideally, they must reflect both the duality of the Académie Desprez's work (French projects for Sweden, Swedish projects for France) and a reference to Drottningholms Slottsteater as an historical place still staging performances.

The projects that are granted have to find their place among the working programmes of the season.


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