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Musical studies Des Orages

2000 Naumann

Poetry, declamation & music

2002 Dubos

2002 Raparlier   

2001 Bacilly

Poésie, musique & mise au théâtre

2004 Muzio

Aesthetic content of the musical studies programme - page 1/2 05/2002

The Académie Desprez' programme of Musical Studies is dedicated to putting in relation intellectual categories of today with those of the Classical Age (XVIIth and XVIIIth centuries), concerning music in all aspects. The geographic field is the Europe of Enlightment.

The first imperative presiding over this programme is to reinstate "baroque" or "classical" music in the context of its birth. It seems thus impossible to understand this music without linking its internal rules and specific structure with the aesthectic, technical, social, political and historical conditions which have been leading to its elaboration. 

Once this contextualisation achieved, it should be forgotten to keep, from music, only the intimate essence. The formal options concealed by music, even if linked to its context, still share their own value and still express a timeless, human and super-human content. For contemporary intervenants of the Programme, the heritage of Classical Age is only worth nourrishing our own questions and projects. Musical contemporary music is asked to feed itself at the source of baroque aesthetics. 

Rémy-Michel Trotier
May 2002

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