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This site reflects the Académie Desprez's works and their constant evolution

Association Française pour le Rayonnement du Théâtre du Château de Drottningholm

Communication 2002 Rosmira fedele 2001 Acting Styles 2000 Gjörwell
Communication 07/2002

The communication activity takes several components into account, all bearing the same importance:

  • external communication regarding Drottninghoms Slottsteater ;
  • external communication regarding the Académie Desprez itself, its existence, its mission, its organisation ;
  • communication about the achievements of the travel, research and realisation grants, announcing and reporting on the events and distribution of publications ;
  • internal communication between the members of the Académie Desprez.

The communication programme aims to organise all the Academie Desprez's publications.

The mention of the season indicates during what year the publication project is initiated.

The projects are :

Season 2002
Académie Desprez - Opéra of Nice
Vivaldi's Rosmira fedele
Study & Conception

Season 2001
Académie Desprez - University of Leiden - Theatre of Leiden
The Leiden Theatre Perspective 1705-2005
Second International Symposium 2001:
Acting Style in the XVIIIth century
Workshop - Lecture - Video projection - Demonstration

Season 2000
"GJÖRWELL" Realisation Grant
Project : creation of the Internet site of the Académie Desprez
Christophe Lécuyer


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