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This site reflects the Académie Desprez's works and their constant evolution

Association Française pour le Rayonnement du Théâtre du Château de Drottningholm

Le Foyer Edition
LIVRETS collection
Revising the site
Le Foyer 07/2006


Groupe de Soutien

Le Foyer
as always been the place that made possible,
for the audience and for the artists, to meet intellectually and physically.

Hence, the Académie Desprez proposes to its members to meet
regarding forums, trips and visits concerning :
Drottningholms Slottsteater and its artistic activity ;
places or events related to Drottningholm or the activities following from the research,
musical research and creation or coproduction programmes.

The Académie Desprez endeavours to introduce its members to the greeting institutions.

Therefore, the activity that takes place in the "Foyer" is dedicated to the concrete conditions of their relations.
The present works in progress, lead by the Groupe de Soutien, organise the circulation of the language,
should it concern yesterday's or today's works or tomorrow's memory.


The LIVRETS collection proposes a double publication of  XVIIIth century librettos.
Collection directed by Rémy-Michel Trotier

Revising the site
A new “virtual house” for the Académie Desprez
Christophe Lécuyer


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